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Homeroom Education in Campbell

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Empowering the next generation of Leaders, Innovators and Global Citizens

Homeroom Education in Campbell

Homeroom Education believes that our students learn better, become empowered, and lead happier, healthier lives when engaged in curriculum that encourages positive emotional experiences, collaborative interaction as well as creative, experiential learning. Our mission is to provide Bay Area families, with k-12 grade students, a community where they can find the educational supplements, services, and resources needed to raise the next generation of leaders, innovators, contributors, problem solvers, and global citizens. We do this by providing scholastic and family resources along with hands-on, educational small group workshops and family learning excursions. The major advantages that Homeroom Education offers families are our small group size and unique approach to curriculum development. Homeroom Educationís co-owners, Teresa Nair and Jodie Fillhardt, found in their over 20 years of combined educational experience that students learned better, became more engaged, and collaborated more cooperatively when provided an intimate and immersive academic environment. With this knowledge, Nair, and Fillhardt, developed learning experiences that emphasized small group (between 6-12 students) learning. While Common Core standards have been the bedrock for all Homeroom Education programs, every workshop and excursion meets those standards through fun, interactive, and imaginative curriculum. For this reason, we like to say that Homeroom Education is Creative to the Core! Our small group workshops have as few as 4 students and no more than 15; each workshop has a main Workshop Leader who provides instruction along with an aide or assistant staff member who provides assistance and guidance to students and parents during the program.

What we we do exactly?

At Homeroom Education when we design curriculum or new activities we always start with why. Why is this important? Why are students interested in this? Why is this relevant to our studentís lives? We then think about what. What do we want students to learn? What do we want students to take away with them? What is the best way to engage our students? We take this approach because when we can answer both why students should care about a topic and what will be most engaging and impactful then we can develop a truly meaningful and engaging experience.

Homeroom Education offers a variety of workshops and excursions every week. For our homeschool community we provide programs during the day, for our public and private school students we offer after-school and evening workshops, and for families who want to learn and grow together we coordinate weekend learning excursions.

Thanks to our small-group learning and interactive curriculum Homeroom Education rarely encounters students who need disciplining. In fact, our faculty and staff all have experience working with Twice Exceptional students and we cater to the specific learning and environmental needs to all our students. In the rare instance that there is tension, our faculty know how to deescalate situations before there becomes a problem. At Homeroom Education, we also encourage an open dialogue between our faculty, students, and families. We have found that through an open dialogue with parents our staff has been able to overcome every learning needing, behavioral difference, and personal eccentricity that we have met.

Our Teachers:

Because Homeroom Education is not a school, we do not require any type of credential or certificate from our instructors. Instead, we look for workshop leaders who are passionate about the subjects they teach and have either an educational background or work experience related to their workshops. For example, Ron Friedman who teaches our Animation workshops has worked in Animation for over 20 years.

Just because Homeroom Education is not a school, does not mean we do not take safety seriously. No one on our team can teach or meet with our students and their families unless they have been finger printed, passed a FBI and DOJ background check, and received a negative result on a TB test.

Homeroom Education is a diverse and dynamic community where people of all backgrounds and beliefs are welcome. Our student body represents the melting pot that is the Bay Area; we enjoy celebrating and honoring the unique qualities that every students brings to our community.

All Homeroom Education curriculum and activities are designed to help empower students to be both focused on achieving their goals and well rounded. We believe that by introducing students to a wide range of experiences and subjects they will better understand the world around them as well as their own passions.

Homeroom Education is offering a unique a fund summer program. Students ages 8-12 will enjoy a half day (9am-12pm) of fun interactive curriculum focused on exploring the world around us. Every week we will explore a new topic and participate in new hands-on projects. But why go home a noon? Students might come for the curriculum, but they are welcome to stay for the fun as every day from 1pm-6pm we will be offering a variety of outdoor activities, fun field trips, and maker-tinker challenges! We want to inform all your readers that Homeroom Education is where curriculum comes alive!


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