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Horizons students become future leaders in technology!

University of Pennsylvania Wharton graduates started the Horizons camp when they realized that programming education in colleges was seriously deficient. The cool thing about Horizons is that high school and college students work together. For example, a student applying to Harvard will live, work, and learn with a student currently attending Harvard. In addition, students gain real work experience with companies and clients. They work in teams all the time and learn to think like real software engineers, an experiences many engineers do not get until a few years on the job. Getting these experiences even before entering college is an experience that does not exist elsewhere.

In less than three months, I've undergone an intellectual transformation that has given me the confidence I need to enter the professional world and trust that I have the skills to make a difference. Horizons delivered that.
Ben Lerude - Music & Computer Science, Yale

Horizons is meant for high-achieving high school students. Past Horizonites attend a variety of schools. Students from Harvard, Princeton, Yale, UPenn/Wharton, Columbia, Northwestern, Brown, Michigan and more attend Horizons to learn programming.

Cindy Lay - 1 of 8 high school student's invited to attend Horizons last summer was astounded. "Attending Horizons has been by far one of the best decisions I've made in high school. I went through the program the summer before my senior year, and I still wish I had done it earlier." Cindy is now attending Claremont McKenna college to study computer science and economics.

Students are taught a college-level curriculum. Then, they are paired with growing startups and companies to begin applying their skills. College students are coming to Horizons because they think it is more valuable than school in many ways. Particularly, for software engineering education.

I now have a resume comparable to other software engineers, projects to show employers, and the knowledge to turn an idea into a reality. it led to many 6 figure offers right out of college. It's a tough program, but it's a game changer. If you want options when you're applying to jobs, I highly suggest you attend Horizons.
Francisco Flores - Computer Science, Colgate '17


Classes are completely immersive. Every day from 9am to around 7pm students are learning beginning with a lecture from 9am to 11am. For the rest of the day, students are programming. Students program for hundreds of hours and in those hundreds of hours build a lot. Instructors teach them to build Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, and then go to work at these companies. Horizons students have been hired at Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple and more.

Horizons instructors are top-notch. They are full-time on staff and have 10-15 years of experience. Before Horizons, they were engineers at Khan Academy, Salesforce, NerdWallet, Palantir etc.

I learned more in the first week of Horizons than an entire semester in an introductory comp sci course. Horizons gave me the skills to build whatever I want, and truly altered my career path. It was the most productive 12 weeks of my life.
Lizzie Halper - Applied Mathematics and Economics, Wash U '19

They also have mentors and speakers that speak with students about their careers. Matt Cohler (a founding member of Facebook, and LinkedIn) will speak about entrepreneurship. Or, they will have Payal Kadakia (Founder of ClassPass a 500MM company) speak about education. Horizons has around 20 speakers each summer. Those speakers combined have raised over 1 billion dollars to build large apps and companies like Facebook, YouTube, ClassPass, Heroku and more.

Horizons selects students with great care. Their community works everywhere in tech. From Google to Slack, Yelp, Amazon, BCG, Visa, J.P. Morgan, and more. So when they accept a student they must be confident they are smart and good team players. Horizons classes are about 40% female too, and are known to sponsor a very diverse community.

Horizons allowed me to bridge the gap between CS and Software Engineering. The lessons I learned at Horizons can not be attained in a traditional academic environment. In just 12 weeks, I learned how to build scalable applications and released a social media platform to the Android and iOS app stores.
Mike Eberle - Computer Science, Johns Hopkins '20

The Horizons experience is life changing. They take great pride in shaping a student's early experiences in tech. Many years after students graduate from Horizons they are there to help them. Whether that is picking a college, or a job, Horizons is available to help.

Benjamin Lerude - a Computer Science major from Yale said, "In less than three months, I've undergone an intellectual transformation that has given me the confidence I need to enter the professional world and trust that I have the skills to make a difference. Horizons delivered that."

The program is for 7 weeks over summer. And students do not even need programming experience to apply!


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