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Maybeck, established in 1972, is a vibrant community dedicated to learning, where all forms of diversity can flourish amid mutual support, respect, and responsibility. It was founded by a group of educators 40 years ago who set out to create a school where scholarship, independence, and curiosity were shared by faculty and students alike. The school was shaped as a community of teachers who wanted to share in the work of defining the school structure as well as the work of leading classrooms. Today we value that same inclusion. Maybeck is a teacherrun school where the staff asks of themselves the same things we ask of our students; to question, to listen, to lead, and to strive for excellence. Through our small classes, high expectations, academic excellence, and programs outside the school, students prepare for college and acquire the tools to engage actively and creatively in the wider world. Our small classes of 10-18 students foster close relationships between students and the faculty; student-teacher dialogue frequently extends outside of the classroom. We currently have a 4:1 teacher-student ratio. Students forge life-long friendships with each other as well as with faculty members. The seminar- style classes encourage students to b


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