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Mercy Burlingame

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Mercy Burlingame

An All Girls College Preparatory High School


Girls on the Green - 10/2/17 3:30-5pm
6th, 7th & 8th graders, join us for Girls on the Green -- a day of Mercy athletics and activities including volleyball, robotics, swimming, basketball, art projects, lacrosse, cheer and more! Parents are welcome to stay for a campus tour.

Open House - Sunday 11/19th 12pm
With a motto of Be Known, Be Challenged and Be Transformed, Mercy High School of Burlingame attracts students of all ethnic groups with its strong global focus in an intimate, secure, happy campus.

The Kohl Mansion, home to Mercy High School, is located on 40 acres of land in the Burlingame hills. The 63 room rose brick mansion was to be the central building in a grand estate which would include tennis courts, green houses, a rose garden, a large carriage house, and a 150,000 gallon reservoir. In 1924 the Sisters of Mercy bought the Kohl Mansion as their Motherhouse and opened the high school in the Kohl Mansion in 1931 after building a new Motherhouse on the lower campus.

Talented teachers, high academic standards, faith formation and building confident leaders are the hallmarks of a Mercy Education. A Mercy High School graduate is a woman of faith, a woman in pursuit of academic excellence, a woman of influence, a woman of compassionate service, a proactive global citizen. Mercy offers a single gender education which encourages each young woman to grow in faith, envision her future and discover her talents through a challenging and motivating academic and co-curricular program. As a Catholic college preparatory of 375 young women, we have created a unique community on the San Francisco Peninsula in which each student is known by her teachers and classmates and each girl is invited to achieve her dreams. Each year 98-100% of Mercy's graduates pursue post-secondary education, a percentage far in excess of the national average.

Mercy girls continue a legacy that began over 80 years ago...a legacy of young women inspired to achieve great things, and go on to change the world! At an all-girls school like Mercy, and a 11/1 child-teacher ratio, a girl occupies every role: every seat on student council or Kairos, every position on every team, every club leadership role. Every day, a Mercy girl sees girls learning, growing and achieving - and takes advantage of the myriad of opportunities to do the same. Students at all-girls' schools learn how to take on challenges, eloquently and fearlessly express thoughts and opinions as well as participate in new academic, artistic and athletic experiences. Single gender schools take a lead role when it comes to providing an accepting and encouraging atmosphere. This environment creates a sister-like bond and sense of community that helps students flourish. We've seen this truth evidenced firsthand over many generations of graduates. Once a Mercy Girl, always a Mercy Girl!

Method and Schedule
Its method of education is unique. Mercy girls benefit from challenging courses, in a small classroom environment lead by passionate and talented teachers. Students are enriched by its holistic educational environment created by the cross-curricula efforts of their faculty and staff. Establishing learning outcomes throughout each class session ensures the students displaying mastery of the discipline. Mercy graduation requirements exceed the University of California entrance standards and prepare its students for acceptance into prestigious colleges and universities throughout the country.

Mercy operates with a block schedule, alternating between A & B days to better prepare its students for a typical college schedule once they matriculate. School starts at 7:55 and concludes at 2:30. On A days the students will have 4 80-minute classes with a 15 minute break in the morning and a 40 minute lunch period. On B days students will have 3 80-minute classes, a 15 minute break in the morning, 40 minute lunch followed by an 80 minute collaboration period where students can have study sessions, meet with teachers, hold club/council meetings or all-school events such as rallies or speakers.

The primary goal of Mercy High School is that its students follow in the footsteps of Catherine McAuley and serve as examples of the spirit of Mercy in their daily lives. Mercy High School places the highest priority on fostering students' spiritual, moral, intellectual, and physical development by providing various opportunities for personal growth, self-reflection, service learning, academic rigor, and athletic and co-curricular programs. Students, parents and guardians, and the faculty and staff of Mercy High School are called to create a community and climate that are defined by respect, personal integrity, pride in one's work, and achievement. By registering at Mercy High School, students and their parents/guardians indicate their willingness to accept and observe the school's policies. Students of Mercy High School are expected to be women of character who exhibit and uphold the Christian values set forth in its mission statement at all times. Students of Mercy act as ambassadors of Mercy High School 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and as so, they are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with school policy at all times, regardless of whether they are on or off campus. Students will be held responsible for all of their actions that contradict either the values set forth in its mission statement or the policies and procedures set forth in its student/parent handbook. Students will be held accountable for their actions and words, both written and verbal, through punishments deemed appropriate by the school's administration.

Impeccable Teachers
Mercy's faculty and administration are exceptional-dedicated to working together to create a nurturing environment that balances freedom with responsibility; challenging academics with spiritual growth; traditional values with cutting-edge curriculum; athletic excellence with sportsmanship.

Well-rounded Students
1/3 of all students participate in some form of leadership. 90% of Mercy Girls are involved in at least one extra-curricular activity. Through student government, one of its 22 clubs or an educational travel opportunities, Mercy produces leaders in action.

Summer Specials
Mercy offers Tools 4 Schools during the summer, a 4-week long program designed for rising 6th, 7th & 8th grade girls. Classes consist of math skills, reading and writing groups, beginning computer coding, design tinkering, musical theater, drama, dance, swimming and cooking. The first three weeks will include a field trip for further exploration every Friday. Tools for School is designed to encourage creativity, build confidence, learn new things and meet new friends.


Girls on the Green -- 10/2/17 3:30-5pm
6th, 7th & 8th graders, join us for Girls on the Green -- a day of Mercy athletics and activities including volleyball, robotics, swimming, basketball, art projects, lacrosse, cheer and more! Parents are welcome to stay for a campus tour.

Open House -- Sunday 11/19th 12pm


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