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Ohlone for Kids and Teens Summer Enrichment Program (OFK)

Our students love that every 1.5 hours, they get to switch focus to another subject, so their day is never boring!

The Ohlone for Kids and Teens Summer Enrichment Program has been serving youth in the Fremont community since 1989. Although our largest group of students tends to come from the local surrounding schools in Fremont, our program sees students from many surrounding cities, including Milpitas, Union City, Hayward, Newark, Dublin, and Pleasanton.

The summer program started with only a few classrooms but the number of classes offered each year has grown from tens to hundreds, and the program now operates at two sites. Our philosophy is giving local youth a safe place and fun options to explore and discover their interests. We strike for diverse course offerings for the entire age range served (4 th through 11 th grade).

While other camps may be heavily STEM-focused, we believe that healthy youth development requires a diverse array of activities. Therefore, we offer a lot of hands-on learning on many things from English to SAT/PSAT prep, from Economics to Art, from robotics to speech/debate, from biology to sign language.

Most of our students choose four classes in one of our three two-week sessions. Each class takes up one of the four class periods of the day. The first class begins at 8:30am, there is a lunch from 11:45am-12:30pm, and their last period ends at 3:45pm, after which students are either picked up or, if they are 8 th grade or younger, they are eligible for our extended-care program that ends at 5:30pm.

Most of our instructors are credentialed teachers, area experts, or teachers who have extensive experience teaching camps for the same age groups. Each teacher goes through several interviews and after hire, finish a training.

Our students love that every 1.5 hours, they get to switch focus to another subject, so their day is never boring! Many other camps in the area are full-day and focus on only one subject per day, so students often tell us that our camp is more fun and interesting. Our child/teacher ratio for most of our classes is 1:24, although there are some classes with 16 or 20 students max. Because our program allows families to build a personalized schedule for their child, it offers ultimate flexibility, which is crucial especially when children have more than one activity per day. Each class is priced by itself, and with classes starting at only $110, our program easily adjusts to all budgets. Families who want classes for the entire six weeks would register for 12 classes, but we also have families who register their children for two classes in the morning or two classes in the afternoon because they have other plans for their children in the other half of the day.

Curriculum for all of our classes is closely monitored to make sure that it is not lecture-style. We ask all instructors to prepare projects and interactive activities in their classes to make sure students are not only learning material but also learning actively with their classmates through collaborative work.

Due to the diversity of the Bay Area, we have a great mix of backgrounds at our camps. At the same time, we make sure the students are learning in a safe and engaging environment, by making sure students know our behavior expectations of them. We are quick to let parents know of any behavioral incidents in the classroom, and really work with them to get the child back on track in the classroom.

Overall, I would describe our summer program as a balance of quality summer enrichment for your children in an affordable customized manner. It offers flexibility and really gives families the choice to personalize their child's summer experience. Check us out today, at !


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