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TechKnowHow LEGO® Robotics and Coding Camps is the place where children get excited about technology and science as they develop new STEM skills. They learn how circuits work while building motorized LEGO®-scale versions of Disneyland® rides. They program robots to simulate the Mars Rover, learn coding while making Star Wars® or Pokemon®-themed games, and so much more. Both you and your child will love our engaging and educational program!

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TechKnowHow has been teaching technology skills to Bay Area students for 24 years. We have won numerous awards from parent groups during that time. Parents are very pleased with the education component, but also appreciate the caring attention from the instructors.

Students in TechKnowHow camps immerse themselves in projects where they develop technology skills, from engineering to coding. The LEGO®-based camps go beyond just construction - students learn to program instructions into their builds (robotics), use receivers for remote control operation, and learn design principles. We stress mechanical engineering concepts, robotics and teamwork throughout the day.

In the Magic Park Imagineering Camp, students ages 6-8 create motorized LEGO®-scale versions of favorite Disneyland-type rides including Racers Cars and Jungle Cruise boats. They learn about circuits as they wire components such as motors, battery modules and switches into the rides. It's just one example of combining themes that students are interested in with challenging science and technology based education.

To learn Python and Java coding, students create over 20 projects a week, beginning with simple interactive games, such as Guess-the-Number, where students learn about mathematical functions, variables and input commands. They progress to creating art and animations by coding with conditional statements and loops, and then use all of their skills to make arcade games (think Space Invaders and Brick Breaker) entirely with code. Students complete the class with a rich set of programming skills and a portfolio of projects. Java students even use their skills to program Arduinobased robots and electronic gadgets in class.

Our camps typically have 2 teachers and 20 students. The teachers come from a variety of backgrounds in education or technology studies, but of all have a desire to help students learn about technology in a fun way. The teachers explain project instructions and concepts first, then guide and assist students as they work on their projects. When students are done, they test their creations, make adjustments, and participate in activities with other campers.

TechKnowHow offers camps at 20 Bay Area locations including Fremont, Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto and San Francisco.

Visit for more information and to register. Or, call (650) 638-0500 to speak with a TechKnowHow staff member.


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