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West Valley College for Kids is slowly weaving its way into the hearts of Indian parents

What we believe in:

The basic philosophy of our camps is that every child deserves a high quality, fun and enriching summer experience.

At College for Kids we believe that academic enrichment doesn't have to be boring or painful for kids. Our teachers make classes fun and interesting by presenting lessons and activities in an engaging manner. Breadth of knowledge and experience is also at the heart of College for Kids. Parents and children have over 20 classes to choose from each session including creative writing, math, science, art, sports, swimming and much more. Every year new topics are added to keep offerings fresh and exciting as children often attend each summer through their middle school years.

A plan for College:

Our College Preparation Camp helps students going into 10-12 grades develop a plan for college. Each student receives guidance on selecting a career/schools, and how the right extracurricular activities, volunteering opportunities or internships can boost their chances of success. The camp covers college and financial aid applications, personal statements, resume building, some test preparation and other resources available to high school students.

We are different:

College for Kids is a unique program in many ways. Students sign up for a schedule of three to four classes that they attend daily for the duration of the camp which takes place on the West Valley College campus. Although they are well supervised and classes are taught at the middle school level, they are able to have an simulated college experience as they pass from class to class, eat lunch in the campus center and use the College's classrooms, labs and sports facilities. Many students develop more confidence and start thinking about their future college choices as it being on a college campus is now a part of their reality!

High school students receive instruction that will prepare them to apply for and enter college with skills that will help them succeed in college and life.

You can fit us in your budget:

Affordability is also something that sets College for Kids apart from other camps. Students can attend a 3-week (14 day) camp from 8:30 am to 1:45 pm for as little as $645. In addition, this year we are offering a special 1-week STEM camp for $99!

Good Teacher/student ratio

Most of our classes middle school classes have a maximum of 24 students with one teacher while some may have an aide due to the types of activities the students will engage in. Swimming accepts as many as 40 students due to having lifeguards who act as class aides in addition to the instructor. Our College Prep Camp for High School students will have a maximum of 30 students with two teachers.

Most of our teachers are middle school teachers while others might be professionals. We like to hire the people we think will bring the best experience to the students in the form of interesting curriculum, activities, expertise and enthusiasm to actively engage students in learning. For example, we are offering "Living History" classes this year in which students will learn about ancient civilizations or American history. Each of these themed classes will have activities, such as simulating the making of a mummy, to immerse the students in the topic. The Drama and art classes will present works to the students on the last day of the camp. The 1-week STEM camp will be focused on learning about the Vasona Creek restoration project on campus and will spend time outdoors with the creek but will also spend time engineering water filters among other activities. Everything is designed to keep the students engaged with their topic so they learn more and have fun while they do so!

Our schedule

Middle Schoolers have a schedule of three classes beginning at 8:30. Each class is ninety minutes and there are ten minutes between classes for students to pass between their classrooms. Lunch is between second and third period. The end of the day is at 1:45. Parents also have the option of selecting a fourth period or "after school" program from 2 to 4 pm.

High school students attend class from 8:30 to 1:45 with a lunch break. Due to the small size of the camp the high school students do not pass between classrooms.

We believe in Diversity

Our students are as diverse as our community! We are very proud that the ethnic mix of our student reflects the community we serve.

Not only do we see our students learning new topics, but they grow in confidence and poise as they make the most out of their camp experience!

India Parent readers can save $50 off of the registration fee for any of the 3-week camps. Call to check the deadline!

Join us for a summer of learning and fun!


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