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Young At Art
A Unique And
Nurturing Learning Environment!

Young At Art was started in a garage over three decades ago and has become an accomplished, year round art school with enrollments of over 400 students per month. Young At Art encourages students to artistically express themselves while learning in a nurturing environment. We offer art classes for ages 4 years to adult specializing in oil painting, drawing, clay, and exploration with mixed media. Oil painting is our most popular class where students enjoy referencing images or using their imaginations to create impressive and memorable works of art. In our drawing classes students learn important drawing techniques that are the basis for many different art forms. They learn to use pencil, pas- tel, colored pencils and other 2D mediums while drawing still lifes or creating imaginary worlds. Our clay class is new to Young At Art this month and we think that students will really enjoy this introductory class. Students will learn all about the basics of working with clay and will be instructed in making all different kinds of clay creations. The mixed media class allows students to use more unique mediums such as wire, foam and paper mache to create interesting and exciting craft projects. We also have an advanced placement class where students can work on their portfolios or simply take their art skills to the next level. The teacher of the advanced class, Bre Enright is a talented artist who attended Pratt Institute in New York and knows firsthand what it takes to make your portfolio college admissions ready. She has helped many students create portfolios for prestigious art schools such as the Rohde Island School of Design and Art Center. This is a great class for any experienced artist who wants help fine tuning their skills from a gifted professional.


Each class at Young At Art is from one to two hours in length and meets once a week. Every class has students that vary in skill level from beginner to advance. Class prices include instruction and the best quality materials. All the materials that the student will need are provided, so you will never be charged a hidden fee or be frantically running through the art store before class. Tuition is paid by the month and is adjusted depending on the number of classes in that particular month.


Some of our students have been coming here for over five years and have produced incredible pieces of art. We have had students compete in multiple art shows around the bay area. Our student teacher ratio is six to one allowing each student an abundance of help geared toward their skill level. Every one of our instructors is an accomplished artist and very well educated, most having either a BA or BFA in fine arts. They are extremely talented and look forward to sharing their talents. Some of our teachers were even students at Young At Art themselves so they know exactly what the students are going through and how to help them achieve their goals. We have a small staff here at Young At Art which gives students the chance to really get to know their teachers.

One of the things that makes Young At Art a unique and nurturing learning environment is the way our classes are taught. In a lot of traditional classroom settings, the teacher has a set lesson plan and everyone is taught the same. Unfortunately, sometimes in this environment the students who are having trouble struggle to keep up with the more advance students. At Young At Art students are not pushed into a situation where they won’t be able to excel.

The teacher goes around the room and helps each student individually at his or her own skill level. This way every student can progress comfortable at their own pace.

Along with our regular classes we also offer week long day camps June through August where students can learn ceramics, painting, sculpture and much more. We also have winter workshops going on December 20th-23rd, 2010. In the morning winter workshop, students will create many unique crafts that can be turned into ornaments or given as gifts. In the afternoon workshop, painting, drawing and other 2D art mediums will be used to create festive pieces of art.

Young At Art provides an encouraging and nurturing environment while teaching students the basics of art as well as so much more. Art is such a great creative outlet for children and adults alike and Young At Art is a perfect place to turn artistic dreams into reality.


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