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  • The Magical Touch of Hatha Yoga

    Renowned San Jose Yoga Expert
    to Lead a Special Yoga Event
    ?The Magical Touch of Hatha Yoga?
    on Saturday, April 6, 2013.. » read more


    The Peninsula’s Premier Fitness, Aquatics and Community Center

    Open to the entire community, the award-winning PJCC offers a rich combination of a world-class health, fitness, and aquatics center in a warm,.. » read more

  • Tips for families with special needs

    Provided by Ken Prodger CFP®/ChFC®/ChSNC™ (» read more

  • Best In Class Sunnyvale Opening
    New Center in Sunnyvale, CA

    Best in Class Education Center, one of California’s premier educational enrichment companies, has introduced a new chapter in its academic timeline. With many successful locations —.. » read more

  • Tax Special - American Tax Relief Act

    By Ami Shah, ACA, CPA

    Several tax cuts called "Bush-era tax cuts" were going to expire December 31, 2012 raising the taxes by $ 494 billion in 2013.  Spending cuts of $ 1.2 trillion.. » read more

  • HONEY SINGH Should be Penalized

    But what about the others?
    Favicol? Chikni Chameli? Choli Ke Peechey?
    Aren't Item Numbers Objectifying Women as Sex.. » read more


    12 Sexist Remarks By Indian Politicians
    The president's son Abhijit Mukherjee is only following in the footsteps of many illustrious and honourable names

    Compiled by.. » read more

  • STIZZIL - Private and group online courses Effective - Safe - Convenient

    With increasing budget cuts, larger classroom sizes, cancellation of certain academic and extra-curricular courses, tighter competition for colleges, and overscheduled students (and.. » read more

  • CDMs Diwali: Festival of Lights

    Second Annual Diwali Festival of Lights - November 10 & 11, 2012

    Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose is proud to present the Second Annual Diwali Festival of Lights on November 10 & 11, 2012... » read more


    Corban Addison’s A Walk Across the Sun changed my world vision and altered me for life. I had to read it twice to really grasp the underlying, horrifying and mindblowing reality of sex-trafficking in the world and especially in.. » read more

  • How much BSF can help your child?


    How much BSF can help your child?
    You do the math.

    BestSchoolFriend (BSF) immediately stands out as unique and different math software that keeps students stay focused... » read more

  • When A Child is Sold!

    by Sindhu Ravuri

    There are at least 27 million slaves in the world today. 1.2 million children enslaved by the sex trade in India. Largest lucrative underworld business second only to drug trafficking, human.. » read more

  • The Radiance - Shri Krupa Dance Company Production

    Sankara Eye Foundation Presents
    Opening 501 Eyes through
    The Radiance–A Shri Krupa Dance Company Production

    Story by Meena Yeggina • Pictures by.. » read more

  • The SP Balasubramanyam and Chitra Show with SP Sailaja and SP Charan

    A Sold Out Extravaganza!

    Pictures and Story by Meena Yeggina

    Many concerts come and many concerts go. We revel and criticize but mostly enjoy the experience be it.. » read more

  • Sonu Nigam Seduces Audiences with his Romantic Melodies

    Sankara Eye Foundation’s Concert A Huge Success

    Story & Pictures by Sindhu Ravuri
    IPM Reporter

    There is only word to describe Sonu Nigam’s live in concert in San.. » read more

  • Vijaya Aasuri: What Makes This Lady So Wanted?

    A Personal Rumination
    By Meena Yeggina

    The 40th BATA celebrations couldn’t have been what they were without one solid presence – Vijaya Aasuri. In spite of not being an official.. » read more

  • A true eco hero

    Twelve years old Pavan Raj Gowda, is a passionate environmentalist. He has been recognized by the President of the United States, for his outstanding achievement in environmental stewardship. He is a true inspiration for kids all around the.. » read more

  • Life Lessons Form Psychology

    Life Lessons Form Psychology
    By Dr. Ravi Chandra

    Recently, the editors of Psychology Today asked their bloggers “What important life.. » read more


    ALKA PANDE meets Kamal Raj Singh, a woman who donated her eggs in the hope of lighting up someone else’s life.

    This story was run in this magazine in the year 1999. It’s a dozen years old. We are.. » read more

  • Ten Common Parenting Mistakes & Alternatives

    By Cliff Crain, MFT, Reprinted with permission by Mary Deggelman, MFT Intern

    “How can I get my child to follow the rules without all the hassle?”

    This is a commonly asked question by caring.. » read more

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