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  • CMT SJ Camp
    Children's Musical Theater San Jose offers Camp CMT, an engaging and inspiring journey during which kids are encouraged to be creative, build life skills, and have fun. Camp CMT is tailored to foster a love for musical theater while coaching kids in the performing arts. » read more
  • Oakland Zoo Camp
    Oakland Zoo invites kids from all around the Bay Area to come hang out with us for an exciting week of outdoor nature discovery, animal adventures, and fun! Summer camp activities include interactive stories, puppet play, games, craft projects, science activities, and of course, animals! » read more
  • Salute To Youth
    Santa Clara County's "Salute To Youth" Celebrates 42 Years.
    Nominations for outstanding teens are due Friday, April 27, 2018 » read more
  • Get ready to LEAD the 21st Century!
    Children's Innovation Center, a non-profit program in Newark CA, addresses the gaps in our current K-12 academic curriculum, and brings transformational education accessible to our students through after-school programs and camps. » read more
    Horizons students become future leaders in technology! University of Pennsylvania Wharton graduates started the Horizons camp when they realized that programming education in colleges was seriously deficient. » read more
  • Truth about whether Hindus were forced to convert to Islam during Mughal rule
    [Book extract] Political relations should be examined in terms of the politics of the time » read more
  • Meet Norman Gershenz, director
  • Brutal Crackdown of police on JNU Long March is unprecedented in the History of India!
    The procession was marching towards Parliament Street to draw the attention of parliamentarians to issues concerning the student community. » read more
  • Why CODE FOR FUN is Leading Computer Science education
    Code for fun is a non-profit organization which focuses on exposing all children to computer science in grades K to 12. All year long, Code for fun offers enrichment programs -after-school classes during the week-end. » read more
  • The most efficient way to utilize the summer from America's top college consultant
    The most efficient way to utilize the summer from America's top college consultant, Neha Gupta, Founder of College Shortcuts and Elite Private Tutors and » read more
  • How To Get Into Your Dream School!
    Many students these days are both well-rounded and academic achievers with dreams of getting admission into a good college. You just have to visit a Lynbrook or a Monta Vista high school to observe this phenomenon first hand. » read more
  • The ugly truth about India's caste system
    [Book extract] History may tell us why the exclusion came to be, but the question - as was famously said - is how to change it. » read more
  • Man getting 5 years in jail for sharing nude video of ex shows India is waking up to revenge porn
    While there is no specific law against it, a range of legal provisions exist to help the victim. » read more
  • Why PM Modi's March 8 event is a lesson on how not to celebrate women empowerment
    It was the best example of mansplaining and patriarchy at work in the guise of feminism. » read more
  • Controversy over PM Modi's degree damages reputation of India's education system
    The PM of India is not legally bound to hold any formal academic degree, but at the same time it is illegal to lie under oath. » read more
  • From child artist to formidable veteran, how Sridevi has ruled hearts for five decades
    What's remarkable is Sridevi never had a godfather in any industry, and rose to the top on versatility, commitment and sheer hard work. » read more
  • 'Bura Maano, Holi Hai': Why the Festival Is No Excuse to Violate Women's Consent
    There is no getting away from it - Holi perpetuates rape culture like no other festival. » read more
  • Exam Question Asks Students to Explain Why HRD Minister Was Wrong on Darwin
    It is to the credit of those who framed the question that they believed Satyapal Singh's comment was so wrong that calling it out was worth two marks only. » read more
  • Why India's political elite can't accept AAP's grassroots politics
    Arvind Kejriwal and his party have faced many challenges, but they are here to stay.
    By Kamal Mitra Chenoy » read more
  • India Inc's Recent Scams Turn In-Laws into Outlaws
    Marriage arrangements help ensure that control over capital doesn't go out of the community. » read more
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