Action Day Primary Plus

Since 1968, Action Day Primary Plus has been providing quality education and enrichment to families throughout the Bay Area. Today, our award-winning programs include infant care, preschool programs, a private elementary school, a private middle school, extended-day care across 11 locations, as well as onsite dance, sports, and so much more.


Our Infant Centers offer a developmentally appropriate, semi-structured program that focuses on nurturing all areas of the development for young children, birth through age 2. Even at the youngest age, our daily routine includes circle time and art, as well as plenty of time for exploration. Our infant programs are very special because we provide your child with a consistent Primary Caregiver who is responsible for his or her care each day. The Primary Caregiver carries out the daily schedule in a consistent, gentle, and timely way so that your child and caregiver have maximum interaction and build a close relationship. Each classroom provides developmentally-appropriate materials and equipment for each age group to help encourage their small and large motor development, as well as their social and emotional development.


Our Preschool program consists of developmentally appropriate curriculum for children as they move through the preschool years focusing on all areas of development, including Social, Language Development, Math Readiness and Science, Gross Motor, and Fine Motor Skill Development. It is our goal to provide an environment that encourages maximum development for children, as positive experiences during the early years lead to much greater success in the future. We maintain a philosophy that encourages a semi-structured program to allow for specific growth and individual freedom. The teachers create lesson plans based around weekly themes to focus on each area of development and set out specific goals for each day.


Primary Plus Elementary School offers a well-rounded private Junior Kindergarten through 4th grade academic program. Integrated into our STEAM-centered curriculum are a Science Lab, a Technology Lab, and small class sizes. We provide before and after school care, and enrichment and after school programs include dance, sports, and a wide variety of specialty camps, all offered on-site.


At West Valley Middle School, students are provided with the means by which to excel. With small class sizes, STEAM integrated curriculum, dedicated teachers, and fulfilling, onsite enrichment opportunities, our students consistently outperform others at grade level. Additionally, our Middle School students thrive academically with the advantage of our 1:1 iPad program and choice of elective classes. By offering our students a balanced education with core fundamentals, WVMS prepares its students for what lies ahead.

Premiere Dance Studios - WEST VALLEY DANCE COMPANY

As a studio sprouted from Action Day Primary Plus, the WVDC values the same core principles: that the quality and experience of our staff is upheld and the communication between teacher, parent, and student is encouraged and promoted throughout the year. We offer a well-rounded, professional dance education that caters to individual pace and growth. The staff of the WVDC understand the importance of a child's development at all ages-ensuring our lessons go beyond those of the dance studio.


Our Fearless Sports League is available for children of all ages and includes a sports program in flag football/cheerleading, soccer, and baseball. These various programs provide students with the opportunity to enhance their creativity, promote their individual growth, and encourage their social skills.

Visit us online at for more information on our programs, or to set up an individualized tour. Our 2018 Open Houses will take place on August 4th from 10am-3pm at all Action Day Primary Plus locations, and November 3rd from 10am-2pm at our Elementary School and Middle School locations.