Dance Attack

One of the Best Dance Schools in the Bay Area

For over two decades, Dance Attack has provided quality dance instruction for tiny tots, school age children, teens and adults. It is proud to offer "recreational" well as preprofessional programs. They have beginning classes in all subjects for each age group. They also serve special needs students with developmental disabilities and welcome wheelchair students.

It is different from other similar schools in several ways.They have two locations and their instruction alternates between a "show year" and a "technique year". Every other year, students focus on the building blocks of their technique, learning new skills. The following year they concentrate more on their show routine. (The Tiny Tots classes do perform annually in a lower key event - our Ice Cream Concert.)

Dance classes vary in size, depending on enrollment, size of the room and age of the students. But their youngest classes are limited to 8-10 students. They consult with the teacher - because sometimes the number depends on personality of the class as well as age. Often people think they need "private" lessons, when, actually, we find that the group environment is preferable. It allows students to learn from the teacher as well as be challenged by what they see others accomplish. One nice thing about having many teachers is that each teacher is only required to teach what they know and love.

Most students come to dance once a week. The students who become more serious about dance attend classes 3-5 days a week. Those students can also audition to be in one of our performing groups. We have several programs that include attending competitions and dance conventions.

Dance class is fun, but it is also very structured. Teachers are very clear about the rules of class. Most of their teachers have college degrees in dance or equivalent professional experience. Students who can't seem to handle the structure are asked to leave. They let parents handle the real "disciplining." Their student population is very diverse. All are welcome at Dance Attack.

Dance Attack is very proud of its program. Their students are accepted into many reputed college dance programs, even Julliard. Others have gone on to dance on Broadway or in L.A. Probably their most famous student is Nick Lazzarini, the first winner of "So You Think You Can Dance?".

This summer they are offering several partial-day, week long camps. They also have a summer class schedule. Please check for more info.

They do offer "drop in" classes. That is, you may come pay for a single class to check things out before you enroll. Visitors are always welcome. Please call, email or drop by. They are happy to share information about all their various programs.