Iducator is an educational service platform.
We are like Uber for preschool substitute teachers.

How does Iducator work?
We have a teacher network and school network. When preschools need substitutes, school directors use our software to make a request. Our software dispatches that request to qualified teachers based on their location, with the teachers closer to school first. If the request is ignored or declined, it will be passed on to teachers living further away.Teachers would see each job request's location, time, and estimated income. They can decide which job/jobs to accept and even have the choice to accept part of requested time.

Our Belief
We can provide working opportunities to everyone who love to work with kids and help our pre-schools find good teachers with click of a button.

With the help of technology, we can connect thousands of teachers and schools, helping our society to provide better childcare to our kids.

The Difference
There are many differences between us and other such agencies.

First, we put our teachers in control. They can decide when to work, where to work and how much to earn. Second, is we believe in technology, with click of a button, our software automates everything, so teachers can just focus on teaching. Third, we keep on innovating and improving. We listen carefully to feedbacks from our teachers and school partners to improve our service and software on weekly basis.

We have over 50 schools in our network and we are actually expanding in the Bay Area.

Through interactions with multiple schools, our teachers would learn from different approaches from different schools and find their best fits.

Teacher's Background
Anyone who truly love kids and has experience taking care of young children can apply on our platform. This experience can be previous work, babysitting, or even taking care of one's own child. No prior Early Childhood Education background is required. Many stay at home moms work on our platform, they enjoy the flexibility and the ability to earn extra money.

Good childcare starts with good teachers, and a big part of it is sub-teachers. Right now bay area has a preschool teacher shortage. If you love working with children and have some flexible time, join us. Together we can help our kids get better care and you can earn some good money. Start your Early Childhood Education Career with us!

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"I had a great experience with using Iducator. There were so many jobs to choose from. I have recommended this company to all my teacher friends and will use them again in the future."
Cindy Rivera