Janani Ramachandran

IPM’s Sindhu Shivani Ravuri interviews Janani Ramachandran

Janani will be running to be the Assemblywoman for CA District 18. If elected, she would be California’s first Indian American Assemblywoman. In this interview, Janani discusses her vision for CA, life journey, and personal revelations throughout the special election. The special election will be held on JUNE 29, 2021.

If Janani’s vision for CA resonates with you, donate to her campaign here:

00:58 — PART 1: JANANI’S CORE CAMPAIGN PHILOSOPHY (“The only people I am accountable to are the people of California, not corporations or industries”)

05:01 — PART 2: ON LIVING AS THE DAUGHTER OF IMMIGRANTS (“I Have Been Able to Pursue my Dreams, Because of the Stability that the Immigrants in my Family were able to Give me”)


09:37 — PART 3.1: COVID RECOVERY: HATE CRIMES AGAINST ASIAN COMMUNITY, DAYS MISSED OF EDUCATION (“My biggest takeaway from COVID is the need to implement universal healthcare”)

20:40 — PART 3.2: HUMAN TRAFFICKING (“We have people as young as age 12 being trafficked. It is extremely common and not talked about. We need to make sure their voices are centered.”)

26:00 — PART 3.2 Cont: MATERNAL & INFANT HEALTH (“If the state wants to find funding for something, we absolutely can.”)

28:25 — PART 3.3: ENVIRONMENTAL REFORM, CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM, & DOMESTIC ABUSE (“In our system, we focus on punishment for crimes, but not rehabilitation.”)

31:56 — PART 4: PERSONAL REFLECTIONS (“I know I can win this election, but I need all of you.”)