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JEI is a World-Wide Math and English Tutoring Center. Our philosophy is simple and keeps us quite focused: "A better life through a better education." The JEI Self-Learning Method enables ALL children to learn and reach their full potential, which is achieved through our unique individualized study program. We are unique, thus different, because each student is offered their own prescribed program and it is introduced in, no more than, a 5-to-1 student to teacher ratio. Each student is actually taught the needed state aligned concepts and then is given ample practice time to have the concept properly embedded; thus, learning is inevitable.

JEI's comprehensive diagnostic system will analyze each student's test results and prescribe an individual study program. The individualized learning program is tailored to each student's needs and abilities, which creates an optimal educational environment. Each student learns at his or her own pace so that each new concept and skill is mastered thoroughly before progressing to the next level. With a prescriptive learning program based on the individual needs and abilities of each child, academic success is all but guaranteed!

Along with an accurate diagnostic system, JEI offers a comprehensive curriculum of programmed workbooks which makes it easy for children to learn and grow. JEI integrates both components to make learning more effective and fun, providing students with a greater advantage.

In each weekly workbook, new concepts or skills are introduced. Upon completion of each workbook, an Interim Test is given which helps determine the level of understanding and mastery of the new concepts or skills.

Through a one-hour a week, multi-dimensional instruction and ample practice problems at home, each child readily learns the needed State-Aligned Curriculum, including Common Core. Each teacher has a zest for helping children grow, through positive reinforcement, this evokes a desire to learn and disciplinary problems are rarely observed. The few times we witness challenging students, a break from the classroom is usually enough to refocus and motivate the students. We observe fewer challenging students, as our teachers either have college degrees in education, or a passion for their area of instruction study, as well a college degree. JEI reward system helps to motivate students to complete class & home work.

All our instructors have a passion for helping children succeed! Given our very diverse population, a passion to see all children succeed, is an absolute must for all staff members. From this perspective, it is evident that our teachers are caring; for this reason, a well-rounded happy child can expect to learn much and have fun doing so!

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