San Jose resident and UC Berkeley student Sindhu Ravuri becomes part of Padmabhushans Raja Radha Reddy’s Shishya Utsav 2020

August 1 2020
Sindhu Ravuri becomes Sathyabhama for Natyatarangini’s prestigious Sishya Utsav.

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Siddhendra Yogi, a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna wrote and presented in the form of sringarakavya called ‘Bhamakalapam’ – practical exposition of Natya, Kavya, Sangeeta and Taala Shastras, all in one.

Satyabhama enters with a song introducing herself as the daughter of Sathrajith and claiming to be most beautiful among women and the Dearest of her Lord and cannot stand separation from her Lord even for a moment (Item description taken from Natya Tarangini official Instagram). 

Sindhu Ravuri (@sindhu.ravuri) credits her immense respect, passion, and dedication to Kuchipudi to her Gurus Raja Radha (@rajaradhareddy) and Kaushalya (@kaushalyareddy) Reddy.

She has learned from them since she was twelve years old, traveling from the United States during summers to live under their roof and immerse in their relentless pursuit of perfection, creativity, and discipline. With their guidance, Sindhu became the youngest dancer in history to perform for the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival. She is also a UNESCO recognized and certified dancer, and USA Classical Dance champion 2014. She was also rewarded with “Natya Sumanohari,” from Sunnyvale Hindu Temple for her natyam and abhinaya, all these in addition to numerous awards from TANA, ATA, BATA, FIA, CCF and so on.

Sindhu Ravuri Rangapravesham August 2019
For the first time ever in the US, world eminent kuchipudi artists, Padmabhushans Drs.Raja Radha Reddy and Kaushalya Reddy presented their disciple Sindhu Ravuri’s solo Dance Debut (Rangapravesham) in the opulent California Theater, San Jose. The performance attended by the prominent persons of the Bay Area, received a standing ovation and thundering appreciation from the audience.

Appreciating her dance Anand Kuchibhotla, founding member and president of Silicon Andhra said, “I must have attended more than 100 to 250 rangapraveshams (solo classical dance debut) so far. I have never seen anything like this. Sindhu is outstanding and mesmerizing and the gurus’ talent spectacular. Excellent rendering.”

As a double major in bioengineering and biology from University of California, Berkeley, Sindhu aspires to become a surgeon focusing on the intersection of medicine, engineering global health and women's rights.