STIZZIL - Private and group online courses Effective - Safe - Convenient

With increasing budget cuts, larger classroom sizes, cancellation of certain academic and extra-curricular courses, tighter competition for colleges, and overscheduled students (and parents), many families face formidable education challenges. If a school can’t provide enough individualized attention or offer classes like German or Music, then families must turn to supplemental education offerings. But solutions that require physical classrooms are still limited in the number of students they can handle and in available time slots, while in-person tutoring is often performed by unlicensed individuals and requires a stranger to come into the home. The focus is often on passing a test rather than mastering a subject and igniting a passion for lifelong learning.

Imagine instead a learning environment where the teacher is hand-picked for your child and the curricula tailored to the child’s needs including and building on their existing class materials. The teacher is extremely knowledgeable, engaging, and skilled in the art of teaching and promoting critical thinking. He/she is reputable and US licensed, and can engage with the student 1:1 or in a class of less than 6. The class is live, highly interactive, and with all faces visible. And it’s online, making it safe and convenient. That’s STIZZiL – bringing the best teacher home to you, no matter where in the world you are or what classes you need.

STIZZiL was founded by a teacher with 30+ years of experience specifically to provide an optimal platform for learning – one that is carefully tailored to the student of today, one that provides teachers with more resources and information, and taps into a larger learning community.

Parents who want to move their child to another level, track progress, learn a new skill, or have a particularly challenged child. You might want your child to catch up or get ahead; improve grades, learn a subject not offered at school, be helped get into the best school/college, love learning, or be more of a critical thinker, rather than just a fact memorizer. Parents who need their children to have individualized attention; parents who need and want convenience and safety. Parents who want their child to have access to appropriate/relevant/desired coursework, in an engaging environment.

With STIZZiL you get high quality and lasting results. Your child will be learning in an engaging, customized, personable, interactive, and fun environment. STIZZiL is a “Live” face-to-face video interaction which is full: two-way, interactive learning, not a one-way lecture, nor limited to just chat exchanges. STIZZiL takes advantage of State-ofthe- art educational web tools – which make the experience as close as possible to having the teacher sitting next to you. All sessions are recorded to help guarantee quality. Students may request the session to review as often as they like.

Experience STIZZiL for yourself and for your child. Take advantage of STIZZiL’s “Free first session” and call or email today.; 1-888-784-9945 (1-888- STIZZiL)