Stratford School - Outstanding Outcomes through Intentional Balance

When You Balance Learning with Play…The Extraordinary Happens

Stratford School - Outstanding Outcomes through Intentional Balance

Open house October 21st, 2023

At Stratford School, high expectations yield extraordinary results. Their advanced yet intentionally balanced curriculum starts as early as Preschool to inspire and nurture the minds and hearts of every student. From the outset, they simplify challenging concepts, then accelerate learning to enable students to study ahead of grade level, develop a love of learning, and prepare them for the future.  Stratford's curriculum is created in thoughtful and meaningful ways to ignite curiosity, nurture exploration, and encourage inquiry.

From Preschool through Grade 12, Stratford’s curriculum is infused with sequential instruction in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics — “STEAM” — to help students develop a diverse set of problem-solving skills and talents they will need in today’s world. The school accomplishes this through a unique cross-disciplinary approach that enhances critical thinking, integrates ideas from multiple subjects, and ultimately expands student learning.

Beginning in Preschool, Stratford’s curriculum is designed to develop the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical building blocks. Hands-on, multi-sensory activities, including Imaginative STEAM Play, encourage preschoolers to play and share with others, while developing their self-confidence, so each child discovers the joy and excitement of learning.

In Elementary, the accelerated core curriculum exceeds the National Standardized ERB Results and motivates students to become critical thinkers, innovative problem-solvers, and proficient writers. This balanced approach imparts students with not only a well-rounded education; it fosters the development of strong friendships, effective study skills, and blossoming self-confidence.

Middle School continues the Stratford tradition of excellence as the school prepares and mentors students for placement in honors and advanced courses at top-tier private and public high schools. Stratford’s intentional approach to educating the whole child results in young adults who are gifted communicators and skilled and generous collaborators.

Stratford Preparatory High School provides a rigorous and engaging college preparatory curriculum that focuses on real world applications of engineering, technology, and leadership skills.  Students also enjoy ample opportunities to become confident learners, generous in spirit, and eager to follow their passions in preparation for college and beyond.

Stratford combines traditional teaching styles with 21st century learning principles, intentionally integrate technology in engaging ways, and encourage confident thinking. Stratford also recognizes the importance of striking a healthy balance between the academic and personal lives of students, because the joy of learning extends well beyond classroom walls. Students are encouraged to participate in interests that allow them to explore their passions while providing a variety of extracurricular pursuits, personal development activities, physical education, and playtime.

Stratford teachers have the freedom to create dynamic, relevant lessons and projects. They use a variety of resources and personalized teaching techniques to generate opportunities for each student to learn in their own unique way. In this energized classroom atmosphere, students are highly focused and engaged as they learn, question, and collaborate.

By harnessing the collective power of students, teachers, and administrators, this carefully designed approach, along with a firm commitment as educational leaders, helps students to excel. Stratford School prepares students to become the future generation of creative problem-solvers, imaginative innovators, and confident, insightful leaders.

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