Vivace Youth Chorus of San Jose is a non-profi choral music education organization with 6 choirs ana 5 additional programs that serves youth ages 4-18 from communities throughout Silicon Valley. We provide youth with the opportunity to experience the power and poetry of song in an inclusive, co-educational, and nurturing environment that fosters community, confidence, and artistic growth and creates awareness of our participants' cultures and shared human experience.

Founded in 2003, Vivace balances vocal training, music literacy, and performance in our curriculum.Repertoire is chosen from various cultures-including Western European, American, North Indian, Mexican,Japanese, Chinese, and West African-and genres-including classical, traditional, jazz, and popular music

Based on the Kodaly philosophy, our pedagogical approach allows students to naturally progress from our introductory Rising Notes class to our advanced Teen Ensembles. Children at the youngest levels of our program benefit from our structured and fun way of teaching music. To "know" music is to fully embody, manipulate, and play with it even before any concepts are defined and named. In our approach, we do this through games. Before we put musical notes on a staff students play with high and low sounds (the melodic contour) on their bodies, on their fingers, and with cloth stars. In our dances and clapping games, students gain a fluent and natural relationship to the rhythms we teach them. Only when these concepts are thoroughly understood do we introduce musical symbols and give the concepts names. In this way, the knowledge "sticks."

Using the same teaching philosophy, Music & Art Camp director Jay Jordana and professional teachers Masumi Maei and Laura Condito have designed educational, engaging, and fun activities on the theme of time. "Kids will have an opportunity to explore time in song, art, and games. Each day will begin with a musical game before learning new songs. Later in the day, kids will create arts and crafts that they can take home at the end of camp. After lunch and before kids leave,the day ends with a fun, outdoor summer activity." When asked more about the theme-based programming, Jay Jordana added, "Our curriculum is designed to be age and developmentally appropriate and is based on Kodaly musical concepts, similar to our chorus program." The week culminates in a mini-concer and art show presented by the campers. This final activity allows kids to perform for family and friends in a relaxed concert setting before showing off and taking home their artistic creations from the week

Vivace's Music & Art Camp runs for one week only, June 24-28, 9:00-1:00, and costs only $225 (t-shirt included). Bring a friend and mention this article to receive a $25 rebate. Open to kids ages 6 to 11; campers are divided by age into groups of 8-10 for most activities. Vivace is committed to providing a high-quality musical experience regardless of educational, economic, or other backgrounds. Register at