Why CODE FOR FUN is Leading Computer Science education

Why CODE FOR FUN is seen as one of the Leading Computer Science education opportunity for Young Learners!

Code for fun is a non-profit organization which focuses on exposing all children to computer science in grades K to 12. All year long, Code for fun offers enrichment programs -after-school classes during the week-end.

During the school year, our teachers teach in many schools in the Bay Area, and their strong academic curriculum develops the joy of computing in each student. We not only educate children but also train teachers so they can bring Computer Science to their class rooms.

As a leader in Computer Science education for young learners, Code for fun's programs are designed for all students to encourage them to consider academic and career paths in the engineering field.

Code for fun's founder, Servane Demol, is a former Facebook IT Manager and all our instructors come from the CS field. Servane Demol decided to create Code for fun while volunteering with a NGO in India teaching Math and Computer Science. She discovered that Computer Science was not only a fun job but also a great tool to encourage students academically and boost their self-confidence. She was very fortunate to meet other passionate people with a strong engineering background to grow the team. Since 2014, Code for fun has been able to reach more than 7,700 students in the Bay Area.

Professor Emmanuel Schanzer from Brown University, inventor of Bootstrap World, a pedagogic tool to help students learn Algebra and Data Analysis using coding, has been on the Board of Directors of Code for fun since the beginning. He will be teaching a camp for us this summer on Data Analysis which is scheduled for August 20th to 24th in Fremont. This is a very rare opportunity for our youth in the Bay Area - sign up NOW, as seats are limited.

During summer, we will offer variety of camps for beginners and experts, so children can explore and perfect their CS knowledge. From interacting with Robots, to learning Scratch, and later Python or C, the pedagogy of Code for fun's camps focuses on utilizing Computer Science as an interactive accessory for learning. In our camps, students can be artists, musicians, game developers, Minecraft builders, electrical engineers, entrepreneurs, app developers etc. using their innovative skills. They become interested in learning more technical skills to make their idea come to life.

Our programs not only focus on Coding, but incorporate the 5 principles of Computer Science: Computing Systems, Network & Internet, Data & Analysis, Algorithm & Programming, and Impact of Computing as defined in the CS K-12 Framework.

Our educators have a lot of experience in presenting academic content in a fun way, balancing the schedule with kinesthetic activities, screen time and outside play. A low ratio of one mentor for 5 children is maintained during the summer camps which are from 9 am to 3 pm (extended care option varies by location). We apply inquiry-based learning method of education, which is customized and adapted to the campers need and level. We also use pair-programming and other group work to foster collaboration skills and free exchange of ideas.

Code for fun will offer camps at more than 10 locations this summer, and a total of 80 camps!

Don't miss the opportunity to join one of the best technology camps in the Bay Area.

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