Photo Gallery - Delphi School Celebrates Diwali with Ambience

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Delphi Academy's Diwali: Ambience, Love and Authenticity

Many schools celebrate Diwali, but Delphi Academy’s Diwali in October has been unique in its variance, depth and involvement. Parents, teachers and children came together to bring about an ambience in the celebration. Everyone took special measures to make the evening special and informative. From starting the celebration with a prayer to Lord Ganesha, remover of obstacles, to lighting of the inaugural lamp, everything was held in place. Ms. Marcie Green, head of the school, delivered a moving speech about Diwali, its history, and its connection to the modern world. Guest of honor, Meena Yeggina, publisher, India Parent Magazine congratulated parents and teachers for rendering such a beautiful event. Kids delivered music and dances from India ranging from classical to Bollywood. The event ended with sumptuous Indian Chai (tea) and snacks! An celebration to remember!