New Childrens’ Zoom Zone


Children’s Educational Play Space Under Construction at Mineta San José International Airport

New Childrens’ Zoom Zone at the Airport Inspires Widespread Support from Numerous Private and Public Collaborators

San Jose, CA – October 27, 2020 – Soon children flying out of Mineta San José International Airport (SJC) will have a place to “get the wiggles out” before boarding an airplane. In partnership with the Airport and sponsorship funding from Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (Zoom), Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose is designing and developing Zoom Zone, a new educational and interactive play space for very young children.

More than $600,000 in sponsorship funds and pro bono and discounted services are helping Zoom Zone get off the ground. Designed around the concept that children are fascinated by what they see in the sky and that many young children have never flown on an airplane, the dedicated area for families is currently under construction with plans to open in Spring 2021.

“Anyone who’s ever flown with children will appreciate what an exciting addition Zoom Zone will be to the San Jose airport,” said Executive Director of Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose Marilee Jennings. “At a time when there is a lot of sad news, this project has energized us all. And it would not be possible without the vision of so many – the airport staff, Hensel Phelps Construction and their sub-contractors, and certainly, our presenting sponsor, Zoom. It’s truly a Silicon Valley ‘barn-raising’ that demonstrates San Jose’s commitment to children and families.”

Zoom Zone is being made possible by the backing of many public and private partners: The Mineta San Jose International Airport is providing the space at no cost and general contractor Hensel Phelps Construction is managing the project pro bono and has secured sub-contractors from electrical to mechanical to donate or discount their services in support of the museum to build one-of-a-kind interactive exhibits. Zoom, one of Silicon Valley’s fastest-growing companies, stepped up as the presenting sponsor with a gift of $240,000.

“We’re excited to be part of this project in our ‘backyard’ and give back to our community,” said Zoom Brand Marketing Manager Katianna Galdieri. “We hope this gesture gives the children waiting for long flights an opportunity to learn, explore, and have fun.”

“We are incredibly proud to host Zoom Zone here at SJC, and even more proud of how the project came together,” said SJC Director of Aviation John Aitken. “It was members of our own local civic and business community who joined forces to introduce this fun, safe, and clean amenity for families looking to ease the stress of travel. As travelers return to the skies, Mineta San Jose remains committed to providing safe and comfortable access to the world through travel.”

Zoom Zone is 600 square feet and is located in Terminal B between Gates 24 and 25 and is designed to engage youngsters in thinking about the creatures and objects that fly, while experimenting with the role that air, wind, wings, and design play in flight. There will also be familiar features of airports and airplanes from runways to oval window shades. An added bonus is that little ones will wear themselves out with experiences that engage gross motor movements before boarding a plane.

Features of Zoom Zone:

Pin Screen: A signature experience at Children’s Discovery Museum. The work of art created by pushing on plastic pins is only limited by one’s imagination.

Alphabet Airplane: This shadow-box system designed with look-alike airplane window shades is mounted on a wall graphic in the shape of an airplane. When children lift the shades, they’ll discover objects that represent a destination that begins with the corresponding letter. For example, J is for Japan.

Kinetic Butterfly: A set of gears activates beautiful butterfly wings to give youngsters a close view of how butterfly wings work.

Bird Climber: This bird will be built for climbing on top of, sliding down its tail feathers and crawling underneath its wings, giving children a 360-degree perspective of flight. 

Zoom Plane Kiosk: Children will be able to see and talk with kids at Children’s Discovery Museum using Zoom software housed in a kiosk in the shape of a fun bi-plane.

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