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Meet Ashley, your Realtor Specialist for Mountain View!

Ashley Mateo
Mobile: 650-279-7475
DRE#: 02007368

Interview by Meena Yeggina

India Parent Magazine (IPM): Hello all, today India Parent Magazine is proudly introducing one of our very awesome real estate specialist, Ashley Mateo. Ashley brings abundance of skill and professionalism to real estate business. She is friendly and relates to your needs and dreams of owning a home specially in the Mountain View area. As a native to Silicon Valley Ashley carries a wealth of knowledge in. the business of buying and selling homes. Born and raised in mountain view and living in San Francisco, Ashley is familiar with neighbouring cities and all they have to offer. Ashley is passionate about Real Estate and enjoys going above and beyond assisting her clients in the home buying process. She’s creative and driven to get the job done. Today I am bringing in Ashley to all of you. Hi Ashley, welcome! Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself to our readers?
Ashley Mateo (AM): Absolutely, thank you again for having me on this journey with you and your readers. I am a native to Mountain View. I am actually multi generation, was born and raised in Mountain View and lived here my entire life. I went to college in Southern California but this is home, a very special place for me, my entire family is still here. I just have many memories and continue to make many more. I just absolutely love the city of Mountain View.

IPM: Thank you, could you tell us a little bit about why should people come to Mountain View(to buy a home)? I know for you it’s a special area, but say for an outsider who want to invest in the schools and the homes in your city, coming from say Sunnyvale, or from any other place, why would they want to buy a home in your area?
AM:Absolutely great question. I think most people know that the surrounding areas in Silicon Valley - it’s the Tech Mega of the world, the jobs are here. So when you are looking at the city of Mountain View, you are looking at quality of life. First and foremost there are significant amount of jobs here, and you will always see a significant amount of jobs here. So people who wants to be centrally located to all the tech companies through out the Bay Area, Mountain View is right in the middle. Here, just about 35-40 min drive to San Francisco, where you can continue to enjoy all the different culture, the food that we have here in the Bay Area. So location wise Mountain View is in the middle of The All.

We just really evolved over time, location wise it’s just in my opinion the absolute best. The schools are great, the community is wonderful. There is so much that the city offers to the residents here. So it’s a great investment. If you look back real estate wise, from people purchasing homes and I always like to go back to my personal experience when you look at my grand parents and my great grand parents that had invested in Mountain View before anybody had any idea, that tech would be such great influence on our world here. You look at equity that people have made in their homes, even just showed up the last 5yearsb incredible equity that people have been able to build wealth for not only themselves but their family and their future generations, mountain view is just an incredible place to invest and to live there.

IPM: Excellent, very well said and if I may ask you why real estate for you, why did you come into real estate and all I mean you look so young and how many years have you been there and can you tell us little bit about that.
AM: So I always choose, my very first memory being a mountain viewer actually was on my 16th birthday. Many many years ago I was waiting at the DMV for my driver’s licence and the second I passed my test, I hopped in my car and I drove to Afritam because I have always admired architecture. It is just something that has awed me right it just has wowed me. Now the reason I got into real estate believe me or not I am the second generation realtor in bay area that has learned from the best. My mother is also a top realtor here in Silicon-valley and so I was really just born into the business. You know I grew up in mountain view just loving to help people. So for me real estate is so bit different, its not about buying and selling homes for my clients it is really about the experience. I have created some of the most incredible relationships with my clients that I go over for thanksgiving dinner or spend time on children birthdays. So real estate for me has turned into an experience, a lifestyle and not what I give to my clients. Ans so that’s how I really got into it and how it has evolved for me.

IPM: Thank you and if you have to say a message to my readers of why people should come to you and what would you say about yourself. I know you I have met you personally and I am saying this to my readers. Awesome person Ashley is a very warm, generous, from my experience I must say very patient, understanding. That much I can guarantee and she would be there for you for to answer all your questions. But I would like Ashley to say something herself why she should I mean in one sentence if you would like to give a message to my readers, I mean of course you can go beyond one sentence just please let us know what that would be.
AM: Absolutely, it’s a really great question and people ask you know why, why should I work with you, why are you different, because there are realtors throughout the bay area and they are amazing realtors throughout the Bay area. What makes me different in the business is my passion, my drive, my commitment and my time. I dedicate everything to my clients, they have access to everything I have access to and I just love to go above and beyond for my clients. As I mentioned before for being real estate is not being transaction-based business, it’s a experience and so when somebody works with me compare to other agent I think the biggest difference is going to be experienced. I am always available for my clients, I am always full disclosure, I am very transparent and how I do my business and I do everything I can going above and beyond to make sure that my clients are happy and the goal is always to just find them the home that just they absolutely perfectly fit for them.

IPM: Thank you Ashley, thank you for being here today with us.

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