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Meet Colleen Cooley, your Realtor Specialist for the San Carlos Area!

Colleen Cooley
Mobile: 650-704-6572
DRE#: 01269455

Interview by Meena Yeggina

India Parent Magazine (IPM): Hello all, this is Meena Yeggina from India Parent Magazine. Today my special guest is Colleen Cooley. With her red hair as beautiful as her bright smile Colleen is one of the warmest person I have met. Trusting yet oozing confidence Colleen seems ready for any challenge. Doing the best is her molto. In a few words Colleen offers a wealth of experience and local knowledge combined with open communication and excellent service. She has been a realtor for over twenty years and is representing buyers and sellers in San Carlos. By continuing to build strong relationship with other agents, professionals, title officers, stagers and other affiliates, she brings a full spectrum of real estate to her clients. She has been among the top performing agents in her office every year and earned the designation of Officers International President’s Elite for superior sales volumes. Please meet the wonderful Colleen Cooley. Hello Colleen, welcome to India Parent Magazine.
Colleen Cooley (CC): Hello Meena thank you so much for this opportunity.

IPM: My pleasure, today Colleen, will you please tell us a little bit about yourself, the Bay Area and your connections?
CC: Absolutely, I was born in at Stanford hospital many years ago and I spent my entire life in Bay Area. I lived in the peninsular and the South Bay and I spent a little time in the East Bay when I was at school in Brooklyn. Other than that I lived in up and down of Peninsula my entire life. And this is one of the best places that I can imagine for having the privilege to live in.

IPM: Colleen, why Real Estate? Out of all the opportunities available in this Bay Area why did you choose Real Estate?
CC: You know Meena I have spent some time in high tech when I first finished college and I just never felt at home in the tech world. My mother has been a real estate agent for many years and I remember watching her and thinking that this is a wonderful business because you were helping families. People who were looking for a home, which is such an important place for all of us to be where we feel really welcoming. I decided to give it a try shortly after my daughter started school. I loved it. Now I have been in it for over 20 years and it really feels like just the right place for me.

IPM: Can you tell us something about your city? Why do you think you are an expert in that city and what is so great about the city that you have signed up for us?
CC: San Carlos is just a wonderful city. I think for many years it is the best kept secret in the Peninsula. Its location is central between San Francisco and San Jose. It has some of the best weather in the world probably. You know it doesn’t get cold wind when you go to the North. In addition to that it has a wonderful community. It has multiple generations living in the city. It has wonderful parks, parks for children, parks for sports and great place to go for hiking and just enjoy nature! The schools there are excellent, hence people also seek out San Carlos for its schools. It’s just a wonderful place, there is this downtown with many restaurants, shops. It has a farmers market that goes on forever and more ever we have many events. There is a real community feel to San Carlos, unlike some cities where you just feel separated from everything, there is definitely a feel of community in the city of San Carlos. And I find that very appealing.

IPM: Excellent, can you also tell us why, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, commercially why anyone should be buying or selling a home in your city Colleen?
CC: Our children and their education is crucial for us and having great schools is a great beginning. In addition we are a community where children go to the park and you will see children out there playing. In terms of economics, the values in San Carlos are so strong. Many people know during this pandemic real estate has become more important. We spend so much time in our homes. And having a beautiful home with a yard and outside services close by, San Carlos is just an ideal place.

IPM: Great interview Colleen, very short, crisp and lovely answers. Thank you so much for being here with us today. I hope my readers will enjoy the information you gave us today. And it’s a pleasure and honor having you on our platform.
CC: Thank you Meena.