Besharam Movie Review

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By Pooja Shah, IPM Hyderabad Team

Besharam's Shameless Plot and Cheap Tricks Leave Critics and Viewers Unimpressed

Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Pallavi Sharda, Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singh, Javed Jaffrey
Director: Abhinav Singh Kashyap

While India Today gave the movie 1 star out of 5, IBN, who also gave 1 out 5 stars says, “the film's plot, likely scribbled on toilet paper during an inspired moment on the pot, is centered on a loutish car thief, Babli (Ranbir Kapoor), who must steal back a car that he sold to a murderous money launderer (Javed Jaffrey), when he falls for the poor girl who owned the car (newcomer Pallavi Sharda). Handled with adequate lightness, this might have been an inoffensive, forgettable comedy, but Kashyap's treatment of the material is so indifferent, the film doesn't even hit that mark. Indeed 'Besharam' appears to be rolling out rather than unfolding, with not one actor so much as pretending to have a good time. What do you say about a film in which Javed Jaffrey looks too bored to over-act?”

Besharam comprises of an absolutely thin plot and tasteless humor (Ranbir Kapoor at one point of time pads his grotch to make himself look “cool.” How sick can humor get?) Ii's astounding that an actor, who chose films such as 'Wake Up Sid', 'Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year', 'Raajneeti', 'Rockstar' and 'Barfi' even at a very crucial and testing juncture of his young career, not only chose to portray this cheap role, but also had the audacity to rope in his parents too! While Kashyap did wonders with Salman Khan in Dabangg and gave him a character to remember, he did his best to do just the opposite in this film. Ranbir tried very hard to put life in his character but somehow his gimmicks and antics remind you of Shakti Kapoor in 'Chaalbaaz,' and really don'tinspire anything heroic. Sometimes his mannerisms are so overt that you are forced to stare at the body parts he refers to. Unfortunately, the camera also doesn't give the audience any relief. The value talent of seasoned actors such as Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Kapoor and Javed Jaffrey is diminished through this film. It's sad to watch them in such a bland and characterless movie. To add to this malestrom, Pallavi Sharda does not uphold her weight as the leading lady, ultimately delivering a lackluster performance in the minor role which she did have. The uninspired music, except for 'Love Ki Ghanti,' cannot salvage the film either.

Its' sad to watch the multi-award winning actor reduced to such a frivolous role at this point of his advancing career.