Krissh 3

A Scintific, emotional family drama that engrosses! By Meena Yeggina

IPMs Rating: ***/5, Family movie for kids above 7 (under 7 will get bored)
Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut
Directed & Produced by: Rakesh Roshan
Music by: Rajesh Roshan

Move away Superman, Spiderman, Ironman and Batman. Our very own Desi man is here! And he is none other than our handsome, enduring and dapper Krissh! In addition to all that regular superheroes can handle, he also dances and romances like a dream!

At a time when we are celebrating Ram and Sita's return from 14 years of exile with candles and diyas, what better movie to watch than a super “desi” hero destroying evil with his superpowers and extolling the goodness in all human race? Hrithik Roshan delivers an excellent job as Krissh, Krishna and Rohit. He's a treat to look at both in action and otherwise. Just as Chennai Express, Krissh 3 is a wholesome family entertainer with nothing to worry about for apprehensive parents –– no on-coming horror, violence-induced action scenes, nor an item number with sexual innuendos and gyrating moves. The plot is simple -- good always triumphs over evil, however powerful evil might seem to appear. And I loved it.

Unfortunately, there is nothing truly innovative as far as story is concerned in the movie, sans the unique and impactful graphics and special effects scenes. It's a true succession of the first two movies Koi Mil Gaya and Krissh (unlike other series which have different stories all together) with high tech scenes that are truly staggering if not mind-blowing. In fact, I wish there were more action scenes and less dialogue; the first half of the movie spends a lot of precious time on dialogues and introduction of the characters, becoming slightly insipid except for the flight rescuing scene.

While Priyanka Chopra is okay in her ideal yet sexy wife/journalist role (she wears mini dresses with six inch heels and grooves in a party song despite being pregnant in the film, while the whole time I am thinking subconsciously, pleeeease be careful), Kangana Ranaut steals the scenes with her nonchalant vampish role. Her expressions when realizing the beauty of salvaging a life or falling in love are extremely subtle yet breathtaking (and her graceful figure, oh my God! She is beautiful in a very unique way). Ultimately, she carries her Maanvar role superbly.

Just as in any Rakesh Roshan movie, there is a lot of enjoyable mush and, quite honestly, as I went to the movie with my family, we kind of really enjoyed the mush. I thought of my family in India, and my adolescent kids felt they loved Rohit's endearing and child-like yet intellectual character (Hrithik as Krissh dad). Sometimes, the mush can depict what life is really all about. There is a lot of disapproval by popular critics that Krissh 3 has a lot of anachronistic familial elements, that there is a lot sentiment, and so on. But what is wrong with that? I love family values and good versus bad. Compared to Karan Johar's ultra-modern, artificial and cheesy romances Krissh 3 is a feel good, think good and act good movie with a handsome and talented Hrithik as a heavy bonus.

On the other hand, the story line and scientific facets in Krissh 3 possess a significant amount of loopholes which cannot easily be digested nor ignored. But who cares? Just watch it for the thrill of seeing a superhero saving a plane full of people (none of them wear seatbelts while it's crashing by the way) or destroying an evil metal-like man, Kaal (Vivek Oberoi) with the power of a single sun-ray, God knows how.

Every gimmick Krissh does is believable because it is done with a combination of Hrithik Roshan's slick action and God's intervention in the film.

While background music by Salman Suleiman rocked, songs composed by Rajesh Roshan are easily forgotten. The entire soundtrack is monotonous, except for the romantic song “Dil, Tu Hi Bata.” “Raghupati Raghav” is bearable due to Hrithik's excellent dance moves.

All action scenes in Krissh are developed indigenously in India and that is the most gratifying part of the movie. Wonderful graphics, comparable to any Hollywood level. Krissh 3, a landmark-movie that cannot be duplicated without Hrithik in it, indubitably is a project to be proud of. Transparently not Oscar-winning, but absolutely heart-winning.