Raising IQ with I-Maths

By Helen Mcneil

Happiness and success are basic goals parents have in raising their children. Parents provide the tools, support and encouragement for their children to thrive. A solid education is essential, but, in today's..
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Benefits of Yoga during Pregnancy

By Mora Oommen

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice which provides physical, mental and spiritual benefits to relax the mind and strengthen the body. Over the last few decades this age-old eastern practice has gained..
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Family Law Advice

By Attorney Natalie Daprile

Spousal and Child Support

– Are You Getting Your Fair Share?

In a divorce, the spouse who is the major earner is..
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Corban Addison's A Walk Across the Sun changed my world vision and altered me for life. I had to read it twice to really grasp the underlying, horrifying and mind-blowing reality of sex trafficking in the world and especially in India...
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LEGO® KidsFest Bay Area!

August 30 – September 1
At the San Jose Convention Center
A Not to Miss event for parents and kids!
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16 Spectacular Party Places to Explore in the Bay Area


408.578.8500 • 420 Thornwood Dr. San Jose, CA

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Sutton Swim School - World’s Largest Swim Lesson

On June 18th, 2013, Sutton Swim School joined thousands of kids around the globe participating in the World’s Largest Swim Lesson to spread the message that ‘swim lessons save lives.’

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Hundreds of Devotees Attend the Reopening of the Sunnyvale Hindu Temple with Tears and Reverence

Story by Meena Yeggina
Pictures by Sunnyvale Hindu Temple

Sunnyvale Temple's reopening with a week-long Maha Kumbha Abhishekam attracted hundreds of devotees who flocked the temple to see the new..
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From the Editor’s Desk - My Amma

By Meena Yeggina

Amma, mom, maa, mummy so on and so forth. So many names to call her yet so elusive in comprehending. Mother, that all encompassing creature, that all pervading being..
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DMA Tech Camps: Where the Fast Track to Professional Success Begins

By Taylor Andrews

 All good parents want what’s best for t Read More

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