Why children need to be kept motivated through Summer

By Meena Yeggina

It's a very common notion among Indians here that summer camp is only for those kids whose both parents work! I thought so too, almost 10 years ago. I heard many moms say, "I dont work. So my kids need not join any summer camp. They can just relax at home. They had a tough school year."

This notion has been proved wrong by many studies and expert verifications. Various studies seem to prove that kids at home during summer are more likely to play video games, watch TV or just lag before a laptop. With these gismos acting as their baby sittes (how long can a mother or father entertain them?) kids lose study skills and physical stimulation. As neighborhood play is limited to arranged hourl structured sections, they are most likely to stagnate more and play less. Summer camps need not be all study and no play. Fantastic camps which in addition to stimulating a child's thought process are equally entertai
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