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India Parent Magazine celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year!!!

To mark it we are proudly releasing several special videos including Meet The Mahaans (Dance and Music Exemplars) Homes and Schools Specials and Global Classical Dance Competitions with Cash Prizes! Coming your way this Sunday, 18th April 2021 is the First Episode of Meet the Mahaans with Padmabhushans Drs. Raja Radha Reddy and Kaushalya Reddy hosted by Sindhu Ravuri.


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Science and God Conference ~ Exploring the ‘Unseen’ Realm

Science and God Conference ~ Exploring the ‘Unseen’ Realm

International Scholars Report on the Scientific Progress on Material and Nonmaterial Aspects of Reality

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Action Day
During the pandemic, child labor and trafficking  on the rise globally

During the pandemic, child labor and trafficking on the rise globally

By India Parent Magazine
According to a report of UNICEF in its worldwide study of children and schools at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools closed their doors in 192 countries, sending 1.6 billion students home.

Online Research Program

Online Research Program

Emerging Innovators Research Program focuses on equipping High School students with the knowledge and skills needed to develop and design Human-Centric Solutions and write their conceptual scientific solutions in the form of a university level Research Article.

Milpitas Golden Knights take Public Forum Debate Indoors!

Milpitas Golden Knights take Public Forum Debate Indoors!

Milpitas Mayor Richard Tran takes notice and attends the Final Debate session!

Meena Over Matters - The Discovery Museum Reopens


Good News for all Young Parents out there! Cecilia Clark of Children Discovery Museum talks about the Museum Reopening with Bills BackYArd! Check out for more information!


Kuchipudi Legends & Padma Bhushans Raja, Radha, & Kaushalya Reddy - MEET THE MAHAANS EPISODE 01


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Meet the MAHAANS of Dance & Music - Teaser


Sindhu Ravuri becomes part of Padmabhushans Raja Radha Reddy’s Shishya Utsav 2020


Know what's going on in the Real Estate Market during Covid! How are Buyers and Sellers Responding? Terel Beppu Explains!